Congratulations on your upcoming move to the Big Apple! A wondrous new world of excitement, opportunity, and adventure awaits you in the city that never sleeps.

Whether you’re making a move for professional or personal reasons–or a combination of the two–, you’ll want to have the best possible tools at your disposal to make the transition a smooth one. And when it comes to new experiences, there are no better tools than wisdom and learning. So here’s a handy guide to some of the most engrossing and informative blogs on life in New York City, complete with details on what makes each one a must-read.

For the Basics

As you’re getting settled in, you’ll be naturally curious about where to get the best meal or cocktail, what tourist traps to avoid, how to travel around the city. In these areas and so many others, Tracy Kaler’s New York Life website has you covered. The former ballet dancer and New York City addict started this blog in 2011 as a lark and now writes weekly about everything from how to navigate the congested subway system, to the hottest new pizza joint in town.

For the Newcomer

If you’re wondering how to plan your relocation, how to hire movers, what neighborhood to live in, or need any other moving-related advice, check out the Imperial Moving & Storage blog. This New York City moving company has operated out of Greenwich Village (83 Washington Place, New York, NY 10011, (212) 879-6683) in Manhattan for over a decade and offers both local and long distance moving services. They also have a blog that’s chock-full of moving advice, as well as a section providing an overview of NYC neighborhoods and highlights.

For the Parents

Parents with young children at home are often in need of a support network, no matter where they live. While it’s geared mostly toward women, A Child Grows in Brooklyn is an excellent resource for New York City mothers and fathers alike. The website offers parenting and pregnancy tips, as well as a handy calendar of local events that appeal to young families.

Another entertaining blog for this target group is Love Taza, which chronicles the musings of New York mom Naomi Davis as she goes about raising her family in the big city.

For the Entertainers

Young couples or singles who are looking to host the city’s most swinging parties should check out Eye Swoon. This hip blog, curated by founder Athena Calderone, is the go-to spot for stellar advice on all things culinary, design-related, and plain “swoon-worthy.”

For the Professional

If your move to New York were driven largely by Wall Street, then a perusal of Bona Fide Wealth would be a worthy addition to your daily routine. The talented and career-minded writers who fill this blog’s feed are devoted to helping readers meet all of their financial goals, from paying off student debt to saving for a comfortable retirement.

For the Young Man About Town

Graphic designer Jorge Gallegos writes all about fashion, food, and fitness on his man-centric blog; I Am Man Chic.

For the Young Woman About Town

Grace Atwood’s The Stripe is a delightful place to curl up and enjoy this Cape Cod native’s latest ruminations on beauty, style, and wellness. Atwood’s determination and enthusiasm will inspire every woman who’s looking to make a name for herself.

Whatever your stripe, may your adventures in New York take you everywhere you want to go. Best of luck, and happy reading!


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