Irish-Network NYC (IN-NYC) is the preeminent community of young professionals; comprised of Irish, Irish-Americans and Friends of Ireland. This dynamic and vibrant organization enhances the communities in the greater New York area by facilitating Irish and Irish-American cultural, social, charitable and professional networking events that allow people from diverse professions to bond through their shared Irish heritage, create opportunities for cross-profession collaboration, provide mentoring to those starting or switching careers, and all the while, deepen the ties between modern Ireland and the US.

From law to medicine, banking to education, accounting to construction, IN-NYC’s more than 2,000 followers span a wide spectrum of professions and for only a current annual membership of $50 (J1 summer visa holders can join for $30), enjoy the social and networking benefits of the more than two dozen events IN-NYC hosts per year.  Join today and not only get connected with your fellow Irish and Irish-American professions in New York, but become part of the national Irish Network framework that currently consists of over a dozen chapters throughout the US.

Events in July

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Upcoming Events: more details coming soon

In addition to our great social networking events and parties we will be running a series of Professional events aimed to support our members start, build on and navigate their careers, businesses and professional ambitions. We will be running a series of workshops on Leadership, Networking, Immigration, Resume/Interview skills, Design Thinking, Public Speaking and more. We will be hosting some key guest speakers in 2015 for some inspiring and lively dialogue. To round of our program we aim to host some cultural and sporting events in 2015.