The aim of our Mentorship Program is to harness the skills and abilities of volunteer Mentors to assist IN NYC members to develop local knowledge and a relevant network necessary to find employment and integrate successfully into professional life in New York City.

The Mentorship Program consists of:
One-to-one meetings:

Knowledge Events:


Who are our Mentors?
IN NYC has an evolving panel of volunteer Mentors who each bring a wealth of expertise from their particular sector. across a range of sectors including; legal, financial and professional services, technology and the arts.  Typically our Mentors are very well established in their particular field and in New York City. 

Who are our Mentees?
A diverse range of members avail of the mentorship program. Many are new to New York City and eager to find their feet and employment. Others are established in New York but seeking advice about transitioning to a new role or industry.

Is it worthwhile becoming a Mentee?
In a recent survey of Fortune 500 companies, 96% of executives credited mentoring as an important development tool and 75% said mentoring played a key role in their career success.
Source: American Society for Training and Development

Will the Mentorship Program find me a job?
While this program will assist Mentees in developing skills, knowledge and contacts, the program does not make any guarantee to place Mentees in jobs.

How can I sign up to be a Mentee?
Sign up today by filling in this form

How can I become a Mentor?
Sign up today by filling out your details here. 

What does becoming a Mentor involve?
See below for details 

I am busy. Why would I volunteer?
New York is a highly challenging and competitive environment – it can be daunting for new arrivals and job seekers. Mentoring is a great way for you to have a meaningful and positive impact on somebody’s life and to share the knowledge that you have accumulated in your career to date. On your resume, it shows a willingness to share skills and develop others.

How much time will it take to be an IN NYC Mentor?
New Mentors are asked to specify the time commitment they are able to make when signing up. We then work within the availability of our Mentors. Depending on your area of expertise and demand from mentees at any given time, the number of requests for your time as a Mentor may be sporadic or may reach the maximum amount of time you have allocated.

Are there any perks?
As a sign of our appreciation, IN NYC and the Consulate General of Ireland will host a very special end of year Reception to mark the contribution of volunteer Mentors.

If I apply, will I definitely be accepted as a Mentor?
We ensure that all volunteer Mentors are sufficiently experienced in their particular area to provide advice to their mentees. Only in cases where volunteers cannot demonstrate an expertise in their given field will an application be refused.